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Excerpts few will read, from places few will find. 

Offbeat Quotes

Whether we're looking for a good start to an academic paper, a best man toast, a fresh perspective, or even a new book suggestion, it's hard to find more than the same worn out inspirational quotes from the same 25 books. There's so much more out there than Gatsby and Eat, Pray, Love. 

Reading is my passion and my most prolific hobby, and for decades I've kept a diary of passages and quotes I love.


Now I'm sharing that collection with you. 

There's no underlying theme. I preserve quotes that affect me deeply, teach me, put a jarring new take on something ordinary, or are sublime, perfect masterpieces of the English written word that leave me in awe. 

Sometimes I keep things just because they sound nice, like many in the "exquisite descriptions" section. 

The books come from anywhere. Most are non-fiction, but they range from venture capital deals,18th-century cholera plagues and Australian travelogues to particle physics, cartoons, and the history of toilets and stoplights. 


Cafe 2

Cocktail Wit


Image by Bernard Hermant


Home & place

Image by Monika Grabkowska

Exquisite Descriptions





Image by Tobias Tullius


Stupidly, inexplicably funny

Image by Mike Yukhtenko

A Living Vernacular

Newly-discovered words & concepts

Image by Thomas Grams

Storm Warnings

History repeats itself

Image by Sung Jin Cho



Image by kyryll ushakov


Observations on society and culture

Image by Jennifer Grube

The Hustle. 

Business, start-ups, and the economy

Image by Sara Dubler


Food & drink

Image by Benjamin Moran

Black Lives Matter.


Image by Vlad Kutepov


Romance & women

Image by Marius Lascu



Image by Bermix Studio

Storm Warnings: COVID-19

Pandemics special section


A godless Society

Religion & atheism


For Love of Country.

Politics, power, & foreign policy

Image by Elizabeth Explores

Cunning & Guile

Truth & lies

Image by Robert Anasch





Intelligence & stupidity

A note on sourcing: 

When I  recorded quotes in my notebooks, I never expected that I'd ever share them with anyone else. I kept them purely for my own joy and inspiration. That's why there are some quotes where I neglected to put a source, their attributions are filled in to the best of my ability but marked with "With regret, author not recorded". 

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