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In the Arena.

Motivation & self worth

- Leslie Jamison

Vogue, 2/2018

"When I woke up the next morning, it was 10 min past the time I was supposed to have arrived at school, less than an hour before the start of my ceremony, and I couldn't find my shoes anywhere. I grabbed a pair of glittery silver heels by the door. They belonged to a stranger. I don't know what she must have thought when she woke up to find them gone, but I know that for me they became a kind of talisman: something strange and glittering under my somber black robes, these stolen disco shoes, the closing beat of a night I couldn't fully remember. They were proof that I was living beyond the boundaries of the predictable, the expected, the obedient, and the ordinary."

"[She] who struggled to reconcile her innate resolve with her lack of self-esteem."

- Julia Baird

Victoria, the Queen

"The only way home was now the way ahead. Henceforth France was before us, not behind us."

- Diary of a French explorer

Mad about the Mekong by John Keay

"There were many things you could be in the new America, but a coward was not one of them."

- Erik Larson 

Isaac's Storm

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